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Vision and Mission

Our Vision
We will be highly respected in our community as a model school demonstrating continuous growth in academic achievement and character development
Our Mission
To collaboratively ensure that all students learn at grade level or higher
Our Behavioral Statement of Purpose
We believe in a culture where being responsible, respectful, and ready to learn creates a positive environment for students and educators to build relationships and achieve their personal best.
Collective Commitments
  • We will collaborate as a Professional Learning Community.
  • We will provide Great First Instruction in ALL classrooms using our year long proficiency map as a guide.
  • We will engage in meaningful discussions to improve student outcomes by utilizing the Plan, Do, Study, Act model.
  • We will use the results of our CFA’s to improve our individual and collective practice and to meet the extension and intervention needs of our students.
  • We will provide multiple opportunities of high leveled student engagement.
  • We will commit to work interdependently between special education and general education teachers to ensure the success of ALL students.