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What is the STARS Program?

What is the STARS Program?

Success Through Academic Readiness and Social Skills Class (STARS)

The Success Through Academic Readiness and Social Skills Class (STARS) is academically based, addressing students’ needs in the areas of academics, language, social skills, and independence. Mainstreaming in non-academic areas and eventually, academic subjects are the long-term goal for students in this program.


Our Program is supported by:

Each STARS classroom Special   Education Teacher is supported by Paraeducators. These professionals work alongside our teachers to provide opportunities for academic practice and reinforcement of IEP goals, as well as support a positive and safe learning environment.  They also support our students during all recesses, lunch, PE, music instruction as well as academic mainstreaming opportunities.
According to each student’s IEP, our classrooms are also supported by Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Adaptive Physical Therapist, Assistive Technology Specialist, and other support staff as needed.


To access instruction within a STARS classroom, students should be able to:

* Learn how to become independent in a structured setting.      
* Follow one-step directions
*. Have a sense of whole body listening.
 * Respond to own name.
* Independently stay with the group.
* Attend to large group instruction- 12:2 ratio.