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Positive Behavior Intervention and Support
Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is an organized, data-driven system of interventions, tools, strategies, and supports for defining, teaching, acknowledging appropriate behavior, and correcting inappropriate behavior. It is a customized framework for creating customized school systems that support student outcomes and academic success. School-Wide PBIS (SW-PBIS) is for the whole school; it is preventative and changes the paradigm of focus from negative behaviors and exchanges to positive expectations and interactions. 

Benefits of PBIS
When students are taught and encouraged to use positive behaviors, school climates can become more POSITIVE, learning environments designated as SAFER, and student-educator relationships referred to as more TRUSTING and RESPECTFUL (PBIS, 2019).
PBIS at Reilly
Behavioral Statement of Purpose:
We believe in a culture where being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn creates a positive environment for students and educators to build relationships and achieve their personal best.
School-Wide Expectations
School-wide expectations of Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn are posted in designated areas on campus. These expectations are taught, practiced, and acknowledged.
System for Acknowledging Behavior
Students earn Rocket Rewards for being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn. Rocket Rewards may be entered in weekly drawings for gift certificates at the Wednesday Flag Ceremonies. Students may also earn Eagle Feather cards for demonstrating good character. Eagle Feather cards may be used to purchase items at the Eagle’s Nest.
Multi-Tiered Intervention and Support
The PBIS team utilizes data to collaboratively determine behavioral supports and effective interventions to ensure ALL students succeed. Interventions may include Check-In Check-Out (CICO) and Social/ Emotional Learning Groups (SEL). CICO allows students to “check-in and out” with a staff member throughout the day to receive positive, corrective feedback for their behavior. Social/ Emotional Learning Groups (SEL) allow students to receive direct instruction on expected behaviors and practice positive replacement behaviors. 
PBIS Gold Emblem